Volcano Art

When it was the sound of the week for the letter Vv, Kowhai team made some amazing volcanos for art.  Come and see them in the playroom. 

Maths - Weight

Kowhai team have been working on the concept of weight for Maths. We have learnt about heavy, light and balanced.

Frosty Morning!

Near the end of Term 2 we had a very crisp, frosty morning.  Kowhai team wrote some poems about the frost. Come and see them on display at school.  Here are a few of the poems. 

Domino Maths

We used dominoes for Maths. Here are some of the activities we used them for.

Fire Poems!

As part of our Firewise programme we wrote some descriptive poems about fire. Come into Kowhai Iti team and see our fiery poems. 

Here are a few of them.


The PTA kindly paid for a percussion performance group called Strike to visit Winchester School last week.   This instrument is called a Marimba. Murray used it to play a rainstorm song. Very apt for the Manawatu!

 They made music with flames.

The drums were very loud and exciting.

Kowhai Iti team wrote some stories about Strike and we made a card to give to the PTA to say thank you. 
Here are some of our stories.